Therapy/Psychotherapy/Talk Therapy is a form of health treatment provided by experts like Psychologists and Counselors for mental health problems and emotional distress.

Most therapies have a lot in common and share their core features, it is best to discuss with your therapist which modality will work best for you.

It is normal to be apprehensive about your first therapy session, especially if you are new to therapy and unsure about your expectations from it. The purpose of the first therapy session is mostly to help you and your therapist to know each other and discuss the course of therapy.

While both Therapist and Psychiatrist are mental health professionals, therapists help address the cause of their problems and provide psychotherapeutic services whereas a psychiatrist prescribes and monitors medications to control the symptoms of mental illnesses.

Booking your therapy session is your first step to recovery. Choose from the categories on your dashboard for the issues you want to seek therapy. If you are unsure, take our short questionnaires to identify the problem area for which you want to seek therapy or book a session directly from our directory of qualified experts.

In your therapeutic relationship with your therapist, only your therapist has access to your session data that you share with them. misohe in no form records or stores any data from your sessions, while your therapist may take session notes to track your progress, which are only accessible and viewable by them. Any information that you feed on our system like questionnaires, choices, activities are only used to guide you to similar content for your therapeutic journey and no other person can view or use it in any form.

We understand the nature of information you share through our platform. All information that you share with the experts remains completely confidential via end to end encryption and only your expert can use that data to assess, to track your progress and guide you.

All experts on our platform go through a series of qualification and verification checks. The information regarding the same is also mentioned in their profiles.

Many researches indicate online therapy being as effective as face to face mode. Our experts are experienced in conducting therapy through video/audio medium. It is the most convenient way to connect with therapists for your mental health concerns.

At misohe, we offer a flexibility of booking the number of sessions as per your convenience but a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended by experts to identify, explore and devise a course of action for resolving your mental health concerns. Our experts are experienced in conduction therapy via both audio and video medium but Visual medium is recommended for better assessment and results.

At misohe, you are able to choose from our directory of qualified experts after looking at their profiles as per your convenience and the expert’s availability.

Both partners can sit together for a couple therapy for single session payment if using the same device while we recommend to take a few individual sessions as well from your expert for better results.

There is no special preparation required for a therapy session, we recommend a quiet and comfortable environment where you can express freely.

We understand it can be difficult to open up about your feelings and problems, our experts are trained to help you open up and guide you through the process.

You can switch to and from different modes of therapy between two sessions as per your convenience.

Please connect with us at help@misohe.club for rescheduling issues.

Please connect with us at help@misohe.club for refund issues.