About us

misohe comes from a unification of three words - Mind, Soul, and Heal. In today’s competitive day and age, it has become excruciatingly difficult to cut through the noise and take care of your mental well-being. misohe aims to provide honest and effective services for the mental wellness of each individual by making it approachable and stigma-free. misohe holds a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals who work towards improving and prioritizing your well-being. Choose from over 10000+ music files and video files hand picked to guide you through your journey to mindfulness to speaking with our team of highly skilled psychologist at misohe, we aim to provide the highest level of mental health care for anyone who is motivated to grow and better their life.

Using only evidence-based techniques and treatments with proven success, we work collaboratively with users, empowering them to be the narrator of their own journey. misohe delivers a comprehensive self-help approach entirely at each your own pace. In fact, we believe this so passionately that we offer our TalkClub to everyone to explore and understand themselves better from other like-minded users.

You deserve the chance to unlock your true potential and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Call or go online to book an appointment with one of our expert therapists. Choose the therapist that you feel suits you best or speak to our team, who will help partner you with the best practitioner for your needs. We believe that in order to live a truly fulfilled life, it is just as important to place a high priority on one's mental health as it is for one's physical health.