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Rushi Setthy, 26

New Delhi

misohe helped me in the journey of rediscovering myself. Their tests helped me identify the problem areas, their content helped me know more about my problems, their activities helped me manage my anxiety and finally my ongoing sessions with the therapist is helping me with my chronic anxiety..

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  • 10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down

    Life has a funny way of unfolding things in an abrupt manner. You never know what comes up next. While some experiences can be pleasantly life changing, there are others that leave us completely perplexed and shattered. Though we don’t have much control over these happenings, we can still gain an edge over how to react calmly in different scenarios.
  • 5 Easy steps to self-healing

    Be it seeking emotional freedom, establishing spiritual connection with the inner self, or wanting to get rid of any unwanted past experience, the answer to all is – Self discovery and healing. As much complicated the word may sound, the process to self healing is much simpler and a quicker one.
  • 8 mindfulness habits you can practice everyday

    Mindfulness is the simple feeling of awareness. Being able to live in the moment and appreciate the present, rather than dwelling in the regrets of past or worries about the future. With the ever increasing hustle and bustle of modern day routine.
  • 10 things you should know about self-healing

    We often get a feeling of a void or emptiness inside our minds, but amidst our busy schedules, we tend to suppress this feeling and get engrossed in the worldly distractions. We keep going back to the old track of routines, regular habits and thought patterns, with which we’ve become comfortable.